Civil War and 19th Century Crocheted Reproduction Accessories from 1800's Godey's and Peterson's Magazine. Reproductions of origanl  Hairnets or Snoods, Purses, Collars and more.
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1860 Garments & Costumes

Civil War Costumes and Clothing Including Antebellum, 19th Century, Early and Colonial American, and Victorian, Garments and Costumes, Custom Made Just for You!

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I am a seamstress, specializing in Civil War Reproductions for Re-enactors, Museums, and the Film Industry. MyContact Information

Custom made item, please allow 4 - 8 weeks for delivery. Custom Clothing are not returnable. Starting price is for cotton material, other materials, modifications, additional trim or other changes will affect the price. Rush orders MAY be available for an additional price, A rush order reduces the manufacturing time but DOES NOT include faster shipping, The fabrics shown on “Sample Dresses” may not be available at the time of your order.


Since the garment will only fit well if I have precise information to work from, please be 100% sure that you are giving me accurate measurements. Thank you. Information needed and a write-in Pay-Pal is located at: Order Form

Ladies Ball Gowns, including  day and evening gowns

1860's Ball Gowns

1850-1860 Day Dress

1860's Day/Camp Dresses

Low Cost Costumes

1830's Dresses

19th Century ladies period clothing, including Victorian


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Ladies Victorian Dresses and Gowns

Victorian Walking Dresses

19th Century Girls period clothing, including Victorian

Girls Dresses

Renaissance Era Costumes, 1483 through 1559.

Renaissance Era

Colonial America 1600-1775

Colonial and Early American


19th Century Girls and ladies period clothing, including Victorian

Accessories, Hairnets, Purses, and More



six boned hoop


Silk Corset


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19th Century Ladies, Men, and Girls period clothing, including Victorian

Ready-Made Garments for Sale

ball gown, jacket, and costumes for Beauty and the Beast

Theatre & Costumes

Designer 1890's Riding Habit

Designer Garments



Samples of my work/sewing


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Pagan and Wicca Costumes

Pagan and Wicca Costumes

civil war costumes garments children, girls, boys, ladies

MY/These REPRODUCTION items are Made in the USA. They are a quality reproduction item made as close as is modernly possible. Sewing is done by machine to keep costs down (except where hand sewing is required) and most do not show externally. Some items offer hand sewing on exposed stitching (such as buttonholes, hand pleating/gathering and top stitching) for an additional cost. Pictures of the item on these pages are pictures of the item I created and sold. All pictures of items I sell are Copyrighted, including pictures and product. They are not a costume that is made using modern construction or components that did not exist during the time of its original usage (IE: zippers, etc.). Beware of fakes, especially ones using images stolen from this site (Copyright Infringement, by foreign garment makers).

My Costumes On The Big Screen See the movies and costumes "Here"

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My garments are made just like your Granny once did, hand cut, hand styled, sitting down in front of a home sewing machine, hand pressing, individually making this garment just for you, right here in the United States. There is a big difference between our custom made articles of clothing and the cheap, imitation, garments and costumes that are coming from over seas, India, China, or Pakistan, made out of the synthetic costume fabrics, laces and trims. Due to cost, time, labor, and the quality that goes into one of my articles of clothing, I can not compete with prices of these imported, play-time costumes. The fabrics shown on “Sample Dresses” may not be available at the time of your order. Each garment is custom made to your specifications, you tell me how you want your garment or costume made, pricing depends on trims, styles, and make.

You are Welcome to have me make a garment from a pattern purchased from a local retail store, such as Simplicity (I have a large collection of Civil War Era, now discontinued), McCalls, Butterick, and Etc. ... Historical Simplicity Patterns in my Collection~ Clicking Here

Some of my Clientele ~ Allan Albert Productions, Broadway, New York., *MTV Networks, Broadway, New York, *Shakespeare Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, *Boston Harbor Islands State Park, *Ohio Historical Society, *Gnash Productions, Glendale, California, *Wall to Wall Media/Texas Ranch House(PBS), Alpine, Texas, *United States Department of the Interior, Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, National Park Service, *Dr. Mud Museum, Huntingtown, Maryland, *Signal Mountain Playhouse, Signal Mountain, TN,*Chattanooga Theatre Centre, Chattanooga, TN.

Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian

Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian

Feel Free to Contact me with any of your questions. To place an order, or just have a pricing question please send me an e-mail. Because of the custom work and design, all pricing is set by each individual order – Thank You.

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Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian

Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian

Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian

1850-1860 Day Dress

Peterson's Magazine 1864

Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian

19 Century Civil War Southern Belle Gown evening Dress, Victorian glenda dresses, scarlett dress

19th Century Ladies, Men, and Girls period clothing, including Victorian
100% Silk Print that belonged to my Great-Grandmother, now in my collections. Dated by an Appraiser, Godey's 1860's. Size – 8in. X 10in

Your 19th Century Garment

You will find that your 19th Century Garment is cut differently than today’s garments, with a drop shoulder seam, giving a fuller, larger look and a slightly, snug feeling in the upper arm, with some of the ladies clothing. These garments are made with the authentic, historical cut, dropped shoulders, shoulder & side seams are more to the back. When the garment arrives, some folks feel uncomfortable with this cut, believing the garment does not fit correctly. If you are uncomfortable with this fit, please ask for costume/modern cut with the old look. Thank you.

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