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1800's Girl's Day or Play Dress

1860 Garments by Glenda - Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian, Garments and Costumes, Custom Made Just for You!

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The fabric - All price calculations are based on 100% cotton, 45 in. wide, modern day with the old look.

Modern buttons used but can be replaced with reproductions at an additional cost of $5.00 by request.

Girl's up to a size 16 Dress Pattern McCall's 9424, as pattern at the right and using your measurements.

Girl’s sizes ONLY!Young Ladies sizes and pricing - Visit Here

Pricing for, dress, pinafore and bonnet.

Starting prices - As Lavender at the right. Modern sewing techniques, elastic in sleeve cuff. Modern plastic buttons.

Small, Sizes 7 & 8: Breast 26 - 27 inches – Dress Starts $60.00

Medium, Sizes 10 & 12: Breast 28 - 30 inches – Dress Starts $68.00

Large, Sizes 14 & 16: Breast 32 - 34 inches – Dress Starts $80.00

All sizes Pinafore - $35.00 without ruffle

All sizes Pinafore - $45.00 with ruffle

Bonnet all Sizes – $15.00 when ordering a dress.

Pantalets -

They run $36.00

Petticoat: Starts at $45.00

USPS Priority 2-3 day Shipping for all garments, $13.75

Extra measurement needed, not on the order form:

Top of Shoulder, down back, to finished length/calf of leg -

McCall's 9424 Naper Settlement, Naperville, IL
Modern sewing techniques

Additional Cost:

Scroll down to bottom for pictures of full additions

+ $3.00 for each tuck desired (Dress and Pinafore)

+ $8.00 for pinafore pocket

+ $5.00 for sleeve tucks

+$8.00 for piping in back and around arm seam

Reproduction Fabrics Prices depend on yardage cost at time of order.

Naper Settlement Outfit is located on this page Here

You are welcome to purchase your own fabrics and have them shipped to me.

If you would like to do your own purchasing of fabric and/or supplies I will then give you a fabric credit or credits for all supplies you have purchased for your gown. If you use a supply list given, I only charge for supplies that you do not purchase, labor and shipping remain the same.

Dress & Pinafore Fabric needed:

Small (Size 7 to 8) With Bonnet – 4.5 yards

Small (Size 7 to 8) Without Bonnet – 3.5 yards

Medium (10 to 12) With Bonnet – 5.25 yards

Medium (10 to 12) Without Bonnet – 4.25 yards

Large (14 to 16) With Bonnet – 5.75 yards

Large (14 to 16) Without Bonnet – 4.75 yards


Pinafore Fabric needed:

Small (Size 7 to 8) With Ruffle –2 and 5/8 yards

Small (Size 7 to 8) Without Ruffle – 2 and 3/8 yards

Medium (10 to 12) With Ruffle – 3 and 1/8 yards

Medium (10 to 12) Without Ruffle – 2 and 7/8 yards

Large (14 to 16) With Ruffle – 3 and 3/8 yards

Large (14 to 16) Without Ruffle – 3.5 yards

To Order – A write-in PayPal

E-mail for your specifications, styles, and pricing. Contact Me

Dress Sample Fabric Is No Longer Available!

Dress and bonnet do not have elastics in them, it was not until 1900 that the type of elastic we know today came into full use.

McCall's 9424
Back Facing and Hem are Hand Stitched/Sewed.

Bonnet comes in Small to Large, drawsting in back.

Dress sleeves come with a buttoned cuff instead of elastic.

Dress can come with self piping around collar, yoke back and arm hole, depending on your choices.

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Historical Garments

Additional Cost Recommended:

Or A local fabric supplier near you.

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