Order Form for 1860 Garments by Glenda

Civil War Costumes and Clothing Including Antebellum, 19th Century, Early and Colonial American, and Victorian, Garments and Costumes, Custom Made Just for You!

I am a seamstress, specializing in Civil War Reproductions for Re-enactors, Museums, and the Film Industry.

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I do except partial payments and will need to be paid in full before shipping, so please calculate this into shipping when you have a specific “Due Date” Beginning June 1, 2019 there will be a PayPal fee of 3.49% and $0.49 per transaction if not purchasing by check or Venmo ~ Thanks

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Please contact me before ordering if your costume is needed sooner than 4 weeks. I do not ship outside the United States

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Venmo is: Glenda Schroeder@Glenda-Schroeder

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How to measure. It is a MUST READ befor you take your measurements. Click Here

You are more than welcome to place an order, but it will be started on, in the order it was received, this may be 6-8 weeks out from the time you have placed your order. Most all estimates are free but because of the cost that goes into supplies, a 25% non-refundable down payment is required before beginning and creating an ordered garment. For a quicker placement, please confirm your order by copying and pasting the order form below and sending in e-mail. Thank you.

Since the garment(s)will only fit well if I have precise information to work from, please be 100% sure that you are giving me accurate measurements for each article of clothing you are ordering.

Order Form - Copy and Paste into E-mail


Date Ordered:

Shipping Address:

Phone Number:

E-Mail Contact:

Date the Garment is Needed By:

Name of Garment:

Which View are you Choosing?

Would you like your fabric pre-washed/dried before cutting?

Fabric Type, (example - Cotton, Bridal Fabric, Wool, Twill, Silk Taffeta, Etc.) Choice:

Color of Fabric, (example - blue & black plaid, green print, pink stripe, white plain, brown check): Choice:

Trims, most lady’s garments come standard with piping (example: Lace, Braid, Ribbon, Tassels, Bows, made of contrasting fabric, ruffle of like fabric, etc.):

Measurements Needed for all garments - Men, Ladies & Children

Size you buy in the stores, (please do not use S,M,LG,X-LG, etc.-thanks):

1. Neckband (around neck where collar will set)::

2. Chest/Bust: :

3. Waist (high, old fashioned, natural or granny waist ):

4. Shoulder Width (from tip of one shoulder to other, across back):

5. Shirt Sleeve: From neck base at center of back, (back bone on neck) along shoulder, over bent arm (like holding a stop sign) to wrist:

6. Arm length from top of shoulder to wrist:

7. Wrist Circumference:

8. Circumference of Upper Arm (abt. � way between shoulder & elbow):

9. Back waist length: From the small bone at the top of the spine, (back of neck) to the waistline in back.

10. Finished length you would like your garment to be, measure from natural waist, down the outside of leg, to the length you like the garment to be. If using a hoop, put the hoop on and then measure over the hoop to bottom length desired.:

Comments, requests, remarks, or wishes, that you would like:

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Don't want to use Pay-Pal? You are welcome to send a check or money order, just contact me by e-mail.

If using a check or money order, when your payment arrives, you will be notified via e-mail, with a photo copy of your check, for you to keep for your records. Send Check or Money Order along with order to:

Glenda Schroeder

Complete address sent in an e-mail.

E-mail: garmentsbyglenda@gmail.com

Please! Be Courtious! If you have placed your order, please check the e-mail box of the account you have used for your purchase, at least 2X a week, as there might have been a question or up-date notice to your order. If I don't get an e-mail reply within 7 consecutive days, and you have paid for your order, it will be put on hold and I will start on the next customer's order, until I hear back from you. If you haven't made a paymentbecause we are still in preliminaries, and I don't get an e-mail reply within 7 consecutive days, your order will be canceled. Please remember this when you have a “NEED BY” date. Thanks

My sincerest apologies to my customers for the above notice, but I have a waiting list for one of my creations and must move on if I don’t get a reply. Thank you for understanding! ~ Glenda Schroeder

Custom design and construction of costuming

I am a seamstress, specializing in Civil War Reproductions for:      
                                     Re-enactors, Museums, and the Film Industry.