Wicca, Wiccan or Pagan Ritual Costumes and Circle Wear

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Wicca, Wiccan or Pagan Ritual Robe

Wicca, Wiccan or Pagan Ritual Robe.

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Robe Pattern Taken from Raymond Buckland’s Book

Wicca, Wiccan or Pagan Ritual Robe

If you have a pattern or garment you would like made, give me an e-mail Contact Me and I will be glad to give a quote. I do specialized costuming.

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PLEASE READ! I DO NOT MAKE HOLLOWEEN QUALITY COSTUMES! My garments are made just like your Granny once did, hand cut, hand styled, sitting down in front of a home sewing machine, hand pressing, individually making this garment just for you, right here in the United States. There is a big difference between my custom made articles of clothing and the cheap, imitation, garments and costumes that are coming from over seas, India, China, or Pakistan, made out of the synthetic costume fabrics, laces and trims. Due to cost, time, labor, and the quality that goes into one of my articles of clothing, I can not compete with the prices of these imported, play-time OR HOLLOWEEN QUALITY costumes.

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Historical Garments

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