Civilian, Union or Confederate Sack Coat

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Civilian, Union or Confederate Sack Coat of the Civil War Era

I make all Sack Coats and trousers/pants personally; all orders are special made to your specifications. These coats are made using an original historic reproduction pattern.

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On this page are options that are offered with this pattern, outside pockets are a special request, as the pocket is on the inside of the left side of the Sack Coat according to the pattern.

From the book “Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia” pages 281 – 296 (in brief)

Confederate: The Confederate Government was never able to furnish enough uniforms and many of the Southern volunteers were told to furnish their own uniforms. There were a varied assortment of homespun clothing made locally, in all forms, colors and fabric types. Some Confederates would steel uniforms from the dead Union Soldiers and wear these, which caused problems, other Confederates had their wives make them for them, out of what was available to them at the time.

Union or U.S.: Made of a dark blue flannel, loose fitting with or without a lining, stand and fall collar. See scanned image on this page below.

Civilian, Union or Confederate Sack Coat

Civilian, Union or Confederate Sack Coat

Inside pocket.

Trousers or pants are sold separately.

Trousers or pants are sold separately.

Falling Collar

Standing Collar

Sack Coat Options

Sleeve Cuff Design #1

Handstitched top stitching is not included, unless requested for an additional cost or price.

Sleeve Cuff Design #2

Sleeve Cuff Design #3

Inner lined with lining (3 layers)

My Sack Coats are made unlined to lined, also inner lined with lining (3 layers)

Choice #1 – No Lining (1 layer)

Choice #2 – One Layer Lining (2 layers)

Choice #3 - Inner lined with lining (3 layers)

Please state the amount of buttons and what kind of buttons you desire on your Sack Coat.

1800's sack coat, civil war era
As requested from customer: Choice #2 with single lining, 2 outside pockets instead of on inside, which were custom made to order. Straight sleeves with no buttons on sleeve cuffs.

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All of my garments are custom made to order, and I do not offer “off the rack garments” although I may sometimes have a display or sample dress you may be interested in. Gowns and garments shown on my web pages are photographs of garments I have made for my customers and are my personal creations.

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