1800's Men & Boy's Clothing

1800's Boy's Clothing

1860 Garments by Glenda - Civil War Clothing Including 19th Century, Victorian, Garments and Costumes, Custom Made Just for You!

I Specialize in Civilian Garments or Clothing Only!

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I make Boy's Garments or Clothing Only!

Contact me for boy's shirts and slacks/knickers or Any other garment you need for your child.

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(Colors and Cotton Fabrics to your specifications.)

We have several different colors and styles of shirts available, all featuring the drop shoulder pattern, with gathered sleeves and a cuff, a slit front opening and the stand and fall collar. This shirt is custom made to your specifications.

Lewis & Clark Era Through 1800's.


Button holes with tie at neckline, shirt sleeves have a button on them but also have ties to tie if desired.

2.5 yards of main fabric

Labor (thread included) $27.00


Price - $27.00 + Fabric Cost

Main fabric:

1. Cotton Shirtings in Plaid

2. Cotton Prints

3. Cotton Muslin (Bleached or Unbleached)

4. Linen Look (fake linen)

5. Linen wools and cottons

lewis & clark, george washington, civil war, day, play, work shirt

As Above

$55.00 and up for Custom Made Boy's Dress Shirts

Mid 1800’s Pants or Knickers

Twill Cotton

Knickers – $65.00

Long Pants - $75.00

+ Shipping and Handling $6.50

1800's vest, civil war era

Ask About Vests and Sack Coats – Wide Range of Prices.

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1800's sack coat, civil war era

Don't Forget To Add Shipping!!! $5.35 and UP, depending on ORDER SIZE.

Lewis and Clark Era

George Washington

Revolutionary War Era

lewis and clark, george washington, breeches, knickers, 1700's


Eyelets with leather lacing, 15, brass buttons, functional side pockets.

      1 &1/2 yards of main fabric

15 Brass Buttons - $10.40

Thread - $2.00

Labor (includes eyelets) - $30.00


Price - $42.40 + Fabric Cost

Revolutionary War Era

lewis and clark, george washington, breeches, waist coat, vest, 1700's

Waist Coat(vest):

Fully lined, functional pockets, split in bottom back like today's suit coats, 9 brass buttons.

1 & ½ yards of Main Fabric

1 & ½ yards of Lining Fabric - $600

½ yard interfacing - $1.75

9 Brass Buttons - $7.85

Thread - $2.00

Labor - $30.00

Labor for heavy or upholstery - $38.00


Price - $47.60 to $55.60 + Fabric Cost

All of my garments are custom made to order, and I do not offer “off the rack garments” although I may sometimes have a display or sample dress you may be interested in. Gowns and garments shown on my web pages are photographs of garments I have made for my customers and are my personal creations.

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